Worst Thing About Coming Out

What is the worst thing that happens when coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender or queer? The answers, and much more are revealed in this touching and inspiring film. Directed by Rob Schmidt, a feature length documentary composed of over a dozen perspectives.

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WorstThingAboutComingOut.com an on-line repository for queer community coming out stories, aimed at serving queer folks that are still in the closet.

“Just uttering those three words: ‘I am gay.’ That was the hardest part for me.” - Gavin

"I felt like I was wrong, what I was doing was wrong, and who I was was wrong." - Tess

"Take your time. Come out when you’re ready. Don’t do it prematurely. " - Anne

"I’ve come to realize that I will never stop coming out." - Kevin